Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Okay so it's December. I can't believe it! Where has the year gone? Well, I haven't done one thing to start decorating for Christmas... yeah, I know, I'm a total slacker.... Working full-time, chasing our toddler around while I am at home, being six months pregnant, and now I'm sick with a cold, I just haven't felt like doing too much of anything. I have been listening to Christmas songs on Pandora, though.... does that count?

Luckily though, I'm following Thrifty Decor Chick on twitter and she sent out a reminder of the holiday linky party starting today with The Lettered Cottage. I jumped on the site and found some awesome Christmas mantle decor. Through the links, I found an awesome coffee filter wreath by Cottage Instincts & some gorgeous burlap stockings in the colors of my Christmas decor. Here's an overview picture of the wreath and stockings hung on the mantle. Oh I'm so in love!!!

Then, linking from Cottage Instincts, I found another blogger who made some burlap stockings that are so adorable with burlap roses... and she wants to know if we want a tutorial on how to make these... Um hello??? YES!! Here's the picture of these darling little stockings on Cozy.Cottage.Cute

Earlier this year, my mom and I were shopping at Pottery Barn and found a burlap table runner that I fell in love with, but couldn't justify the price they were asking for a piece of burlap. So we had gone to another store and I thought I had found one. She bought it for me and when we got home, I excitedly opened it up to discover I picked up the wrong package and got a table topper instead. Now the square table topper looked awful on the oblong table... Yes, I tried it.. So I thought it would be cute as a tree skirt this year, but then looking back at my Christmas decor from last year, it wouldn't really match. Well, now I can use it as a tree skirt if I make these stockings, but I'm desperately hoping Sarah at Cozy.Cottage.Cute puts out the tutorial.
I found a great tutorial on the coffee filter wreath on a blog called Crafty Texas Girls If you click on the title of the blog, it should take you straight to her awesome tutorial. You'll see she's got a gorgeous painted brick fireplace, too. I'm so jealous!!! I hate our red brick fireplace. This just inspires me to want to do some more updating. Uh oh... There's another "TO BE DONE" item that will probably never get crossed off! LOL
I am so embarrassed now, looking back though this blog at my Christmas decor from last year after looking at all the links on Layla's website. Oh and by the way, what is up with the disco ball looking ornament hanging from my ceiling??? LOL Oh I've got a lot of work to do this year!!!!
Anyone have any great suggestions about what to do with the eyesore of an air conditioner stuck in our wall? EWWW I hate that thing!
Well, my throat is sore as is my throbbing headache. My hot tea is gone and I'm off to bed to get some rest so I'll feel somewhat decent for work in the morning.
Love to you all!

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  1. Hi Jaime! Thanks for stopping by Crafty Texas Girls. I love your burlap stockings too. My friend is in search for some- I am going to pass your blog along to her. Gorgeous!!