Saturday, September 19, 2009

House Quiz....

Okay - so what do you do when you have a sleeping one year old, a husband at work, a house to be cleaned, $20.00 worth of purchases at Goodwill and two cans of spray paint??

The answer??? Spray paint your Goodwill purchases of course!!! ha ha ha

Here's some idea as to what my day has entailed so far....

Before - this is some sort of hand-carved tray I found for $3 at Goodwill.

After: What a difference!

Before - these are wholesale type primitive style trowels. I thought they would go perfect on my kitchen wall cabinet.

After - Right again!

So here are the pictures of my kitchen. It's always a work-in-progress project. At some point we'd like to get new flooring, new countertops, a sliding glass door, new windows, curtains, new appliances (which we desparately need) and rid of the large over the refrigerator cabinet. But for now, it works well for us.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Bathroom Make-Over

When I moved into the house, my husband had the one and only bathroom decked out to the hilt with Tommy Hilfiger. He had the shower curtain, the towels, everything. Even the wallpaper was navy blue....Ughhh... Anyway, after we took that down, we went strait to the country bath house feel. Double ughh. That was just gross! So for the last month or so we've removed all the wallpaper, patched the holes from previous bathroom accessories or pictures hangers, etc. Today I painted the bathroom in a "jade" color to match my shower curtain mistreatment... (If you want to know what a mistreatment is, see The Nester's blog. There's a link to it in this blog.) We checked with a tile guy to do the walls and floor in our tiny little bathroom. He wanted $2100 for labor only and we supply the materials. The labor I thought was extremely high considering the fact that our bathroom is 9x4 with a 3x5 offset, which is mostly fiberglass shower install. So, I went down to Home Depot today and bought a gallon of paint and some painting supplies. I have to say I need to keep my day job and not try to paint for a living. I believe I just might be the world's worst painter! Regardless, the painting is done and the bathroom looks... um... bright... Actually I really like how it turned out. It isn't quite what I had in mind, but it works well. I matched the paint color to the fabric I used for the mistreatments and it looks great put together. So what's left on the TO DO list for the bathroom? I'm going to paint the vanity, mirror frame, and bath accessories in flat black. We need to order the 18" prehung door unit and get it in for the closet so we have more space. Then, the bathroom should be done for a long while...

This weekend Joe showed his hidden carpentry skills, too. Wow! What a great job he did! Remember when our ceiling in the living room fell? Well, there was a gap in the edge of the new drywall and the wall knotty pine. Also, where the ceiling heat was, it was much thicker than the 5/8" drywall we put up. So, Joe went to Home Depot on Saturday, bought the crown molding, measured, cut, stained, and hung it all. It looks so good! I'm so excited about it! Now, if I can only talk him in to letting me paint the knotty pine paneling & update the living room a little. That would be all she wrote.... LOL