Friday, December 31, 2010

Does It Really Work?

During this Christmas season, I ran across a blogger that used waxed paper to make capiz shell look-alike garland for her Christmas tree.  That got me to thinking, " what other crafts out there use wax paper?"  okay.. so I'm weird like that, but I googled it. 

I ran across an interesting TIP rather than a craft that after reading, I thought, " I have to try that".  When you open and close our shower curtain, I swear it's loud enough to wake the dead.  The tip said that if you rub your metal shower curtain bar with wax paper, then the metal curtain hooks won't squeak so loudly when you open your shower curtain.

So off I go.... sucker to yet another tip thinking that it's a good idea.   Sure enough, IT WORKS!!!  It is still loud, but not nearly as loud as it was and the roller balls seem to glide rather than squeal.  WOO HOOO

I love Google.....    I was looking for crafts and got a helpful tip instead.  So be it ~ I benefited from it anyway. 

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