Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 Christmas Decor = 800+ Count Coffee Filters

So this year's decor is just about exactly the same as last year's decor with the exception to about 800 plus coffee filters and two Dollar Tree crafted apothacary jars (Click the link for tutorial). Here's the overivew of the living room decor. Yes, there is blue table off of our makeshift coffee table. It's my son's. He loves to sit there and play, eat, color, etc. It has become one of those staples that I have become so used to seeing, that I forgot to move it before I took the picture. Oh yes, and before I forget, notice that I have no disco ball hanging from the ceiling fan. However, my husband wanted to hang some ornaments, so you're seeing the bottom portion of the cluster of ornaments..... This is a picture of my kitchen. I have no idea how to decorate the kitchen for Christmas. I bought these mirrored cones, which I fell in love with. Look how the sun comes in the windows and puts the reflection all over the walls. I love them!!! Well, now what do I do with the cones? My husband bought our son his first train set this year, so it's on the table where we can watch to make sure the inquisitive toddler doesn't touch it. This year, the cones are surrounded by the train, but next year, I'll have to come up with something a little more decorative.

Another picture of the tree and the mantle

Okay, so here's where the 800+ count coffee filters went. See the wreath and the three trees at the bottom of the fireplace? Yeah.... They sounded like a good idea; they looked easy to do; and pretty much all of that is true... HOWEVER... They were a pain in the backside as far as time goes. They took FOREVER to make. If you want the tutorial, The Nester has a great one. If you click on her name, then you'll be directed straight to her site.

Here's my crystal centerpiece. I bought the votive holders at a local thrift store. The crystal stemware and candlesticks came from a local shop.

Here's another photograph of the coffee filter trees. I hot glued three glitter ornaments on them.

The coffee filter wreath with a $1.00 Wal-Mart glitter ornament.

My Big Lots shatterproof ornaments. I love them. Do you know how many times these fell off the tree the day we put it up? I'm so thankful for plastic ornaments... LOL

My favorite Christmas decorations of all.... the silk and glitter amaryllis. Next to them I put the apothacary jars I made. I found directions on the Dollar Store Crafts website. I simply bought a glass vase and a glass candlestick and glued them together. In $2.00 I have a nice apothacary jar. In the jar, I put some instant snow and matching Christmas bulbs.

Now, does anyone have any suggestions on how to hide the wall AC unit and how to fill the shelving with items the toddler won't disturb? It sorta looks like I just up and quit the decorating in the living room.


  1. Love that wreath! And your tree is stunning. Everything looks very festive :)

  2. Thank you,Cindy! I appreciate your kind comments!

  3. Thank you, Beth! I jumped on the trend bandwagon & fell in love with the results! They made a big difference in my opinion.