Monday, December 21, 2009

Ready for Christmas

Okay - so we used the time this weekend to get the house ready for Christmas. We've got our inexpensive, yet live, Christmas tree up and decorated; the mantle is completed; and the stockings are hung with hope that St. Nick.... Nevermind.....

Anyway, as you can see, I used the aqua, silver, and white theme. I bought the tree skirt from JoAnn Fabric. It is just silver brocade fabric I purchased at 60% off plus another 80%. It's not hemmed or shaped for a tree skirt. I just used pinking shears on the edges and threw it around the base of the tree. It's my version of the "Tree Skirt Mistreatment"

You'll see the gifts we purchased for everyone over on the shelf. I'm keeping them up high from the baby (to prevent early opening urges), but they're in paper to match the tree. Maybe one night when he goes to bed, I'll put them under the tree to get a somewhat finished picture... hmmm

So what does a 15 month old do while you're spending the afternoon decorating the tree and listening to Christmas carols? He plays with the empty bulb containers of course!!

Oh yes, and not to forget about the curtains. I've been following a blog called The Lettered Cottage by Layla Palmer and another called The Nester. I absolutely love those to blogs. They've got to be my favorites. Anyway, The Nester does "mistreatements" with fabric to make no sew curtains. Also, Layla did a blog entry about using painter's canvas drop cloths for curtains. So I combined the two and came up with this (keep in mind I haven't ironed yet - just wanted to see what they would look like):

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