Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flying Free!

Oh my.. I am absolutely loving the Fly Lady in combination with the E-Mealz! When I left the house this morning, it was clean, the supper is in the crock pot and the laundry was running (don't fret, the dryer wasn't running!). So when I get home, I'll have to feed the baby, my hubby and I will eat, and the dishes to be put in the dishwasher and I'm done! WOO HOO!!! There's something to be said that when you leave the house for work knowing that when you come home, you're coming home to supper and a clean house, that just makes me feel good! I really have noticed a difference since I've been using the Fly Lady techniques. My house is so much more "homey" now that I've been flying with the Fly Lady... No more CHAOS.... (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). YEE HAW!!! For more info - check out
Flylady and E-Mealz

1 comment:

  1. Your house looks so cute, Honey! We need pictures of the bathroom!