Saturday, August 1, 2009

i-Robot Roomba

Okay, so who has one of these robotic vacuums? My mother (LOVE HER) bought one for us for Christmas this past year and I have fallen in love with this for two reasons:
(a) I don't have to vacuum
(b) it helps to keep my house clutter free - at least on the floor (does anyone know where I can get a robotic duster???)

Anyway, so if you don't have one, you NEED one... For those of you who do have one, I put together my own little cleaning kit that I thought I would share. I found that getting the tangled hair (which I have long curly hair) out of the brushes was really hard. Every day it was, "Please inspect & clean Roomba brushes". It was because I couldn't really get to all the tightly wound hairs on the brushes. I shed like crazy - Gross, I know....

I'll upload a picture of my cleaning kit later. But, here's what it consists of:

1) 3rd food Gerber Baby Food Jar = I've got plenty of those around the house they're great storage & organizing containers

2) One hard rubber rat-tail comb to brush the bristles clean

3) One pair of beard and mustach trimmer scissors - the pointy, thin sharp end can help get under the rims of the turning brushes easily

4) A corn cob holder - yes that sounds crazy, but they have very sharp pointy ends, too, that you can use to pull the tangled hairs loose to cut them with the scissors

5) A double ended mini screw driver - to take apart the bottom to clean it out

6) The yellow brush hair remover that came with the Roomba

Anyway, my i-Robot; or "Butler" as we like to call him (& stole the idea from my mom) stays hairless and tangle-free with this handy dandy cleaning kit.

Our house is mainly hardwood floors, vinyl, and ceramic tile. We have one room with carpet. The Roomba does a great job in all of the rooms, no matter what floor covering type... At least in our house. The only down-side to the Roomba is that it doesn't get into the corners. So you have to broom the corners out into the open and let i-Robot clean it that way. But that's okay because that gives me a reason to want to build a round house... Can you imagine??? Oh YIKES!! That sounds like a decorating nightmare!

Anyway, if you don't have one, get an i-Robot Roomba. If you have one and don't use it, ARE YOU CRAZY??? ha ha ha

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  1. No, not crazy, just messy! I usually only use mine in the living room because I have too much of a mess in the other rooms to use it. It would be broken just trying to navigate. So needless to say, hopefully this site of yours helps me to de-clutter also. I'm trying. I have a bunch of clothes, a big box of stuff and a garbage bag of stuff (plus a TON in the garage) for my yard sale. Now all I have to do is have the darn sale!